Caylee Cook

Caylee Cook is a Kinderkineticist and current PhD candidate at the University of Cape Town and is based at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA). Caylee has a background in Sport Science where she specialised in early childhood development with a special focus on movement behaviours. Caylee is in the process of completing her PhD in which she has researched the relationship between physical activity and related behaviours with cognitive outcomes in preschool children in South Africa. She has also been working at SSISA since 2015. Her work involved planning and running group activity sessions for young children, and works as a scientific coordinator for the Community Health Intervention Programmes at SSISA. Caylee is particularly interested in using physical activity as a tool to set children on the right trajectory in life and see every South African child reach their full potential. When Caylee is not working at SSISA or on her PhD, she likes to stay fit through playing sports and enjoying the outdoors!

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