Paula R. Pienaar

Paula Pienaar is a Sleep Scientist and PhD candidate within the Faculty of Health Sciences, at the University of Cape Town (UCT), and a co-founder of Sleep Science at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.

She is a registered biokineticist and has 10 year's experience in the field of corporate health, chronic disease management and orthopedic rehabilitation. It is during her clinical and corporate health work that she realised a great need for sleep health awareness and its benefits for the prevention and management of chronic disease.

Paula is passionate about ensuring that evidence-based research is translated into practical health solutions for all individuals and organisations. Her interest in the association between poor sleep and chronic disease has manifested in a joint PhD with Vrije University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her research is focused on the impact of poor sleep on workplace health and performance. With her clinical and research experience, Paula aims to create tailored sleep health interventions for employees and their companies, and believes that good sleep is a vital ingredient to happy, healthy and productive employees.

Being of a South African and Argentinian descent, she enjoys learning about cultures, exploring new destinations, and traveling. A good brisk walk or long run surrounded by natural beauty is what keeps her sane.

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