Training Essentials and Programme Design for Swimming


Plunge into the depths of aquatic mastery with our Short Course in Swimming and…

Decode the Secrets of the Water: Grasp the intricate physiology and biomechanics that govern the fluid dance of swimming.

Craft the Blueprint of Champions: Learn the scientific principles of training program design and apply this wisdom to forge personalized blueprints for success.

Gauge the Tides of Growth: Assess the maturation status of swimmers and interpret its profound implications on performance.

Harness the Power of Land:Identify the optimal resistance training exercises, sets, and repetitions to fortify swimmers against the rigors of the pool.

Navigate the Currents of Intensity: Master the art of training prescription and high-level monitoring to steer clear of overtraining’s perilous waters.

Choreograph the Aquatic Ballet: Employ diverse swim drills to perfect the essential stroke dynamics for seamless aquatic harmony.

Evaluate with Precision: Utilise performance assessment templates and medical screening forms, aligned with the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines, to measure athletic prowess.

Orchestrate the Symphony of Preparation: Effectively deploy program and periodization templates to compose a crescendo of peak performance.

Embark on this voyage to transform your understanding, sculpt a new wave of swimmers, and leave a lasting ripple in the world of competitive swimming.

This course is perfect for....

  • A recreational swimmer looking for scientifically designed training programmes to optimise performance and decrease the risk of injury.
  • Swimming coaches who want to understand exercise physiology & training principles and methods behind programme design.
  • Fitness professionals who want to train swimmers.
  • Studentswho want to learn about exercise physiology & the training principles and methods behind swimming.
  • o Advanced and elite athletes who want to understand the science behind their training.

What's in Store for You?

  • Modules 1 and 2 we lay the foundation with key training principles and the determinants of peak performance. Uncover the interplay of physiological and biomechanical factors and learn to tailor training to maximise endurance.
  • Module 3 navigate the waters of growth and development, understanding their critical impact on a swimmer’s performance. Measure maturation rates and grasp their significance for tailored coaching strategies.
  • Module 4equips you with a robust framework to monitor swimmers, safeguarding against injuries and overtraining. Gain access to an exclusive monitoring template designed for optimal athlete care.
  • Module 5emphasises the crucial role of dry land training in enhancing performance and preventing injuries. Visualize success with a video guide featuring key swimming-specific exercises.
  • Module 6 is your blueprint for mastering training periodization, essential for crafting successful swim programs. Implement our planning template to bring structure and progress to your regimen.
  • Module 7refine your skills in assessing swim performance with practical screening tools, report examples, and insightful explanations.
  • Module 8 presents a collection of sample swim and gym programs, complemented by a video breakdown of essential swim drills to refine technique and efficiency.
  • Module 9addresses the pivotal topic of preventing overtraining and burnout in young swimmers, ensuring a healthy, sustainable approach to competitive swimming.


Each module will have four multiple choice questions. Students will have unlimited attempts to answer these questions. A certificate of completion will be issued once all of the assessments have been completed.


Previous experience working in the fitness/sporting environment is not required. However, if the learner is familiar with the basics of swimming, they will benefit more from the course.


Lezandre Wolmarans
Lezandre Wolmarans


Lezandre is a senior consultant at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa and head of the swimming division.


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